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5 tips to prevent dementia:

Actualizado: 21 abr 2022

According to an article published in the British Medical Journal (2022), there are 5 factors that, when combined, reduce the probability of developing dementia: DIET By consuming diet Mediterranean COGNITIVE ACTIVITIES Read, visit a museum, and play games like cards, checkers, crosswords, or puzzles PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Moderate to vigorous activities, including walking for exercise, gardening or yard work, calisthenics or general exercise, biking, and swimming (at least 150 minutes/week) TOBACCO USE: Quit tobacco use completely. RESTRICT ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION:

Light to moderate alcohol consumption (1-15 g/day in women and 1-30 g/day in men) The greater the number of protective factors, the lower incidence of dementia and greater longevity. Taken from:

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