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3 symptoms of Cerebrovascular Accident and why you should consult immediately

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Symptoms you should pay attention to:

FACIAL ASYMMETRY: Sudden drooping of one side of the face.

DIFFICULTY TO MOVE EXTREMITIES: Suddenly presenting difficulty to move an arm or leg to one side

SPEECH ALTERATION: Abruptly present speech alteration, with a slurred tongue or even not being able to utter words

Why is early consultation important?

This makes it possible in some cases to start a treatment that can successfully prevent long-term sequelae. For this, early consultation is vital, since the evidence says that up to 4.5 hours it is feasible to start treatment. Possibly this treatment window will be extended over time.

If you have risk factors for a vascular accident, make sure that your nearest hospital has treatment capacity (neurologist on duty) as this can be decisive in your treatment. It is no use that your health center has a specialist called, since the treatment window is narrow and may not arrive on time.

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